The Law of Attraction can bring abundance into every aspect of your life.

What if having too much is your problem? For people who are overweight, too much of a good thing became excess pounds. 

That puts the entire body out of balance and sets you up for many negative health consequences. So you try yet another diet – fail, get disgusted and eat more. It’s a cycle of defeat that usually leads to gaining back more pounds than you lost. 

The medical experts call it “yo-yo dieting.”

It’s often more about negativity in your life than about food.  If you’re tired of buying diet books, going to meetings, measuring food and feeling deprived, then stop it. 

You already know it doesn’t work. Turn your attention back to yourself, not what you eat or when you eat it. Food is a measure of abundance or lack. Food is among the most basic human needs for survival. 

It’s also a measure of wealth and success. Whether you dine at the best restaurants in town or hit the drive-in for a burgers and fries, food is available. Over time, you fall into the trap of “living to eat, instead of eating to live.”

Since the Law of Attraction is about abundance, how can it help with weight loss? Simple – the Law of Attraction brings into your life what you need rather than more of what you don’t need. 

If food is a substitute for love, attention or self-acceptance, then you are only filling yourself with the wrong things. Chocolate and chips don’t have the power to satisfy longings of the heart. 

That’s where the Law of Attraction is ideal for people who want and need to lose weight for health. First, create a detailed visualization of a trim and healthy you. Don’t put a number on this. 

And don’t say “skinny” or a spout of a certain clothing size. Allow the universe to work with you to bring you to the ideal weight for optimal health.  See yourself wearing attractive clothing and feeling good about dressing up for special events instead of making excuses not to attend. 

Contemplate feeling good inside your own body. From those images, create positive affirmations to use daily such as, “I easily make food choices that nourish my body.” That’s far easier to reinforce than the usual dieter’s lament, “I won’t eat sweets today.” 

Your mind responds to positives just as the universe resonates best from positive energy. By using the Law of Attraction, you don’t need to restrict any foods. Your positive affirmations change your beliefs about food so that you naturally make good choices, which include eating things you want without gorging on them. 

Over time, you can have a taste of chocolate, without allowing it to control you. In fact, your body becomes so attuned to feeling good and working so well that the desire for the harmful foods simply dissipates and you no longer feel out of control for the wrong foods. 

You find that food lacks power over you as you allow the universe to “feed your soul” with energy and insight so that positive choices are the only foods you enjoy in abundance.

With food comes exercise when you’re trying to usher in a healthier new you.

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