As soon as you say that you practice the Law of Attraction, you’ll hear the detractors coming at you.

“I tried it for two months and got nothing.” “Yeah, I won a vacation in a contest – but the taxes were huge!” “Who can be positive all the time? That’s just foolishness.” 

That’s what you’ll hear from people who claim to be Law of Attraction dropouts. The fact is, they never really dropped in. They heard or read something about the Law of Attraction, but they didn’t really practice it. 

No wonder they didn’t get the results they wanted.  The Law of Attraction works. What doesn’t work is a half-hearted attempt to use it like a catalog ordering form. It’s not a “blab it and grab it” concept.  

If it were magic, then you could call out what you want, wave a magic wand and it would appear. The Law of Attraction is not magic – it’s energy.

Energy can be redirected, but that takes focus and effort.

The Law of Attraction does nothing for cynics who hold out their hand while snarling at the process. Let’s say a person decides to test this by proclaiming, “I want to see a Ferrari in my garage tomorrow.” 

That person did not sincerely ask, is not sure if he believes in this, but would gladly receive if it happens. The next day, he sees his dented old truck in the garage and says, “See? That didn’t work at all!” 

Of course the Law of Attraction didn’t work – because it was not applied properly. What if you have a sincere desire to learn the Law of Attraction and still don’t see results? Look around at what has come into your life. 

Did you ask for tranquility, only to lose your high-pressure job? After losing that job, you found the courage to walk away from the corporate world and take a lesser paying job in an art museum. 

In order to bring tranquility into your life, you had to lose first before you win. Because energy is fluid, you had to get out of a negative, stressful path in order to receive the tranquility you desired on a positive, calming career path.

Belief is the center point on which the Law of Attraction balances. The universe holds endless opportunities – whether or not you believe you are worthy of them. If you don’t believe, the opportunities will not invade your life. 

It’s only when you believe that you can have a new opportunity and you deserve that opportunity do you actually put yourself in a position to receive it.  Putting yourself in a position to receive takes time and effort that is sometimes ignored and never engaged. 

If the ideal mate for you is in Atlanta and you’re not confident enough about your abilities to accept the transfer to the Atlanta office, then you’re not in a position to meet that person. 

Your energies may connect in a future time and place when you really focus on it, but look at the time you waste by missing the opportunity. The Law of Attraction is part of an orderly universe that at times must set up the circumstances by delaying one opportunity until you are in a position to receive. 

That’s not a denial – that’s an orderly transition.

Over the centuries, possibility thinkers have added to the ways that you can tap into the energy of the universe for what you want or need. These are more than techniques – they’re proven methods that you can practice and refine as you choose. 

The key is separating the right motivation from the wrong one.  The wrong motivation is to become something that you are not and think that people will be fooled.  That can be done with deceit and acting, but a motive so negative is in complete opposition to the Law of Attraction. 

The right motivation for applying the Law of Attraction is to become the best person you can be by fully exercising your potential. There are some ways you can support the right motivation.

Personal Coaching is ideal for connecting with another positive thinker. Your coach can show you other techniques to use in practicing the Law of Attraction. 

You may also need a personal coach to help you make the transition into new opportunities that opened up for you because you attracted them into your life.

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