If you want the Law of Attraction to bring your heart’s desires into your life, there has to be room to receive. It’s a scientific reality that two objects can’t occupy the same place at the same time. 

The universe is orderly and never contradicts its essential principles.

That’s why you can work yourself into a frenzy trying to attract a new car, yet your garage is so packed with junk that you couldn’t put a tiny Matchbox in there! 

How can the universe give you something when you have no space for it?

Clutter that blocks the positive energy of the universe isn’t just found in tangible items. The most stubborn clutter is found in the ways we fill our lives with meaningless activity, negative people and wasted time. 

Cleaning out the garage take a few hours while clearing away the emotional clutter in your life takes more effort to complete. Clutter of any type blocks or interrupts the flow of positive energy. 

Some people who think the Law of Attraction does not work are actually blocking the power with their emotional clutter. It’s as if the universe is sending your desire by express delivery only to hit a door that won’t open to complete the delivery process. 

You feel like your desires were not met, yet the answer is waiting for you to make room in your life to receive. Your desires and goals need a place where they can manifest fully and not be limited.

Be honest – where is the emotional clutter in your life?

If you’re worried about money, the problem may not be with your salary, but with your attitudes about money.  You see buying as a way to fill emotional gaps or to prove your success to others (or to yourself). 

So you spend more than you make and want the universe to help pay your bills. That won’t happen. You have to clear away the negative beliefs about money and what it means to you. 

When you can see abundance as something more than a checkbook entry, then you open the potential to receive from the universe.  If you’re constantly late on payments, the universe will not expand time to cover your deadlines. 

Look at how you approach your day. When you take on too much because you’re afraid to say “no,” you surround yourself with negative energy. Or you may be late because you really don’t want to do something so your subconscious acts on your reluctance. 

You need to schedule quiet time to contemplate and reduce your activities.

As you clear away clutter, both emotional clutter and tangible junk, you make room to attract more valuable things into your life. 

The value you receive isn’t always in money, but in life satisfaction.  Reclaim the back porch from being a storage area to a quiet, comfortable place to relax and meditate. Then you may find that porch becomes a sea of beautiful African violets as the universe gives you a new interest in flowers. 

Stop the long commute to work at a stressful job and take a position with less pay nearer to your home and watch what happens.

You have space in your life to attract a new mate, spend time with your children, volunteer or turn a hobby into a full time job. Start clearing space to receive!

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