The Law of Attraction taps into the positive, action-oriented forces of the universe. It just makes sense that the positive energy can be used to enhance or to kick start a workout program. 

For many people, exercise is a means to an end – a tight, toned body.

Yet they don’t really enjoy the process of making that change a reality. The Law of Attraction isn’t going to rid your body of cellulite overnight. 

What it can do is to dramatically change how you handle your workout.  Professional athletes know the secret of mental rehearsal. Whether on the golf course or waiting in the airport, a golfer can practice putting successfully. 

In fact, many athletes see their entire tennis game or golf shots in their visualization before actually starting the event. They use visualization, a movie created in your mind’s eye, to experience the game before it begins. 

They feel each movement and rehearse how to respond to the opponent. As a result, by the time they begin the game, they have won in their rehearsal.

You can use that same mental rehearsal while you drive to the gym.


Another important part of your workout is positive affirmations. You need “reps” of those as much as the reps of weight lifting. Begin your workout with an affirmation such as, “Exercise brings out the best in my body” or, “With each movement, I improve my body and reach toward optimal fitness.” 

Remember – it’s about fitness – not naming the number of weights or distance in miles that you run. When you focus on those things, you miss the big picture. The universe wants to support your fitness desires, not make you the envy of the local gym rats.

If you keep records of your running miles or weight lifting, add a gratitude statement each time you workout. You need to show appreciation for your body’s ability to move, stretch, run or otherwise improve your body. 

If you had a great workout or reached a new personal best, take time to write your thankfulness.  Even if your workout was a disaster, you can add thanks that you made the effort. 

Then your mind will be clear so that you don’t carry negativity into your next workout.  For some people, exercise is work not workout. They do it grudgingly to help their body, yet miss the important positive energy that movement can release. 

Apply the Law of Attraction to lead you to a type of workout that you can really enjoy.

You can also ask to find a group activity that will put you around like-minded people who can reinforce your resolve for good health.

Perhaps the reason you haven’t fallen in love with exercise is that you’re stubbornly doing the type of workout that you don’t like. So what if you bought a treadmill and want to get your money’s worth? 

Sell it or give it away to someone who wants that kind of workout if you find it’s not for you. Release the ownership of this equipment and allow the universe to bring into your life the ideal type of workout and the motivation to stay with it.

Health isn’t the only thing you can improve in your life using the Law of Attraction.  You can declutter many areas of your life and welcome in the right kind of career, love, friendship, and success that makes you happiest.

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