Living within the Law of Attraction is definitely going to take you off the course you were headed down before you found this secret of the ages. What’s so amazing is that you find no more use for the stuff that you once thought was necessary.

You often hear how a person received more things like a car, house, vacation or financial security. That’s just the icing on the cake. With the Law of Attraction, what you lose can be the best part.

Lose? You thought the Law of Attraction was just about gaining. It is – that’s why you have to lose to make it work. Once you understand the simple steps of Ask, Believe, and Receive – and you see the result – you realize that you can’t follow this course by hanging onto old things hindering your success.

You begin to see what you need to leave behind.  Now that you’ve moved from a job to a career, you’re excited about learning everything you need to know to move forward in your career.

When you aren’t working or relaxing at home, you’re spending time with people who share your mindset. These people enjoy healthy activities like sports or yoga. As you look around, you realize that you have no time or interest in hanging around the old crying-in-their-beer crowd.

And you don’t come home frustrated, collapsing on the sofa with a quart of ice cream or bottle of cheap wine.  Almost without effort, these changes in how you see yourself and how you invest your life energy has brought about other transformations.

You’ve lost weight, reduced dangerously high cholesterol levels, become more agile and the stress lines on your face have smoothed out. You are maximizing the positives about yourself and you like what you see.

No wonder you’re attracting into your circle of friends people who value positive energy just as you do!  After those tentative beginnings when you prove the Law of Attraction really works, then you become bolder in taking charge of your life.

As much as you explain this to people from your old life, some will not shed their shackles for the freedom you have found. A few will – and they may travel new roads with you.

Or they may go on other roads to find their dreams. Either way, you have given back to the positive energy in the universe by sharing this wonderful concept.  Each time you put the Law of Attraction into action, you see how what you receive has a trickle down effect.

You ask for a townhouse in the city closer to your job – even though prices are high and finding a good place is difficult. That’s okay because you’re specific in your request and believe that the townhouse is already yours – you are merely waiting for the universe to reveal the address of your new abode.

When you receive it, you share this with your real estate agent. What you didn’t know is that your agent was depressed and worried about finances until you showed her how to apply the Law of Attraction.

Now her life is turned around and she has more free time. Months later, when she’s offered a major planned community development project, she brings you in as a design consultant.

Positive energy attracts more positive energy – and that will definitely alter your course in life.

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