If you think the Law of Attraction is only about material things, then you may miss the best part.

The greatest treasures of your life can be in the people that surround you far more than in the things that you possess.  

Even if you have a large address book and can summon fifty people to a party in an hour, that doesn’t mean that you have the right people in your life. It just means that you have many people in your world. 

Yet it’s possible to be lonely in a crowd.

Once you being practicing the Law of Attraction, you start to see your world differently. You also learn how to see yourself in a new light. As you become in tune with the world instead of battling against it, you discover the immense power of positive energy. 

That’s where you start to hear what you never heard before in your circle of friends.  Your home takes on the positive energy you invite into it so that you attract what nurtures your goals and desires. 

Suddenly the sarcasm you used to laugh at begins to feel uncomfortable. You thought that friend was funny and edgy, but now you feel a conflict as his negative energy clashes with your positive energy. 

Another friend calls regularly to dump her problems on you.  You’ve patiently listened and offer advice but she makes the same bad judgments over and over. You even tried to introduce her to the Law of Attraction, but she has a dozen excuses as to why it won’t work for her. 

Finally you see that she doesn’t want to change. You can feel badly for her, but you need to cancel your reservation at her pity parties. Her negative energy is draining your positive energy and neither of you benefits.

Those are just a few realizations you begin to have about people in your friend circle. Some will notice the difference in you and want to know how to find the peace, prosperity and maturity that you found in the Law of Attraction. 

Others will feel like you left them behind and want you to go back to your old self (if you’ve ever dieted before, it’s like those friends who take you out to throw temptations at you to see if you’ll indulge in junk food so they can feel okay with how they’re eating). 

Eventually you have to make a choice – turn your back on what you know is the truth or mix with the old, negative crowd. That’s when you have to prune your friends list. As harsh as this sounds, it really isn’t. 

In nature, trees are pruned at key points in order to make the tree blossom and grow stronger branches. Without pruning, the branches grow wild, are poorly supported and threaten the health of the entire tree.  

The same is true in your life. As you transform yourself to maximum positive energy, you just can’t go back to the old negative ways. You have to prune your connections to pessimistic, angry and parasitic people from your inner circle of friends. 

You can be gracious to them in public without bringing their negative energy into your home or spending time with them. Instead, draw into your inner circle those people whose goals and desires are similar to yours. 

If none of your current group of friends fits that definition, then you turn again to the Law of Attraction to bring the right people into your circle while drawing you into circles of those who practice what you believe. 

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